Help India Breathe

All proceeds will go to support India during this Surge of the Pandemic.

"India is currently battling a severe COVID-19 second wave with roughly 350,000 new daily cases and over 2,600 daily deaths, numbers increasing. With the hospital system overwhelmed, the need of the hour is donations towards essential medical supplies (oxygen and hospital beds), transportation, food security, and shelter. The money raised through this effort will support NGOs and organizations serving sections of society most in need."* (adapted from Project Go Fund Me page, see link Button "Support Project Directly).
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An Ebook with a Cause

A little bit of light in one place creates light in all places.

We proudly present to you “Vegan Desserts for Magic Moments” – A 70 page E-Book collaborated by a group of 16 plant-based dessert chefs. All profits are donated to "Help India Breathe." This Recipe Book has been created together by some of the most reputable and incredible vegan and specifically raw-vegan dessert chefs in the world. Spread across 70 pages you will find mouth-watering dessert recipes accompanied with beautiful imagery. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to get to know each of the Contributors a little bit better. In a time when we find ourselves isolated in our respective countries and in a time when our health has become ever more our focal point, We as a group of passionate plant-based dessert chefs, have decided to come together to share with you some of our favorite vegan dessert recipes. In addition, giving back to a heart warming cause, reminds us of our own loveliness, innocence and wish to care as well as our ability to connect and support others who are ill, struggle or are left on their own. A little bit of light in one place creates light in all places.



Learn more on "Help India Breathe"s Go Fund Me Page. A list of charities supported is given there. You can support there directly, if you don't want a copy of the Ebook.

List of Recipes:

  • Crunchy Hazelnut Truffles

  • Mint Chocolate Mousse

  • Warm Glazed Peach Ice Cream

  • Raw Carrot Cake Doughnuts

  • Matcha Sesame Entremet

  • Rosemary Lemon Tart

  • Peach Cacao Cheesecake

  • White Chocolate, Raspberry and Lemon Cake (Raw or Cooked Version).

  • Chocolate Watermelon Seed Ice Cream

  • Vegan CBD Shortbread

  • Panna Cotta

  • Apple Caramel Cheesecake

  • Raw Chocolate Ganache Cake

  • Raw Pecan Pie

  • Zebra Cake

  • TiRawMintsu

Meet Danielle Arsenault

Founder Raw Food Chef Alliance, Pacha Vega

Sara Yarbrough

Pastry Chef, Clinical Nutritionist, and Gong Musician

Previously Supported:

Save a Fox

SAVE A FOX rescues foxes from farms. They may be sick, injured, and orphaned foxes from furfarms. Ones that the farmers believe would not make it, they take in surrendered foxes that were once pets and originally came from breeders and also take in and rescue found pet foxes. Their goal is to adopt out all of the foxes they rescue. The foxes require lots of attention to stay social with people. They prepare for the fox pups by having all supplies such as formula, feeding syringes, nipples, and blankets. When rescuing foxes over 7 weeks old, they also need large spaces and vet appointments ready. Through Vegan Desserts for Magic Moments, we donated 1050 USD to support the Charity and specifically Fox Valentine, who received medical treatment for Gum Overgrowth that he is suffering from.

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