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Iris' Science

Tune into the Algorithm of Recipe Creation

  • Setting Foundations

    Build a solid foundation with basic kitchen skills and recipes.

  • Introducing Flavors

    Understand how to balance flavors, how to pair flavors and how to know what will taste good.

  • Regulating Textures

    Understand all the different textures that we can enjoy in our foods and how we can create them using techniques that (mostly) do not require heat.

  • Innovating Design

    Know the basic tools and elements that you can use to create limitless designs - from simple to sophisticated.

  • Styling Plates

    A beautiful plate says more than 1000 words. Make lasting impressions with easy to follow plating techniques.

The Secret Sixth Aspect

The Secret Sixth Aspect to Iris' Science of Recipe Creation. The most crucial of all elements. Without it none of the others can work.  Only revealed in class.

Course Curriculum

Chapters and approximate number of Video Lessons in this Course:

  • Preliminaries (9)

  • Setting Foundations (22)

  • Introducing Flavors (18)

  • Regulating Textures (23)

  • Innovating Design (23)

  • Styling Plates (13)

  • The Building Blocks (18)

  • Complete Dessert Recipes (27)

  • Completion (8)

Desserts Transformed

In this 3rd Edition, Your Raw Vegan Cakes Class was Completely Transformed and Extended.

You will learn:

  • Iris' Science: The 6 Pillars of Recipes Creation

  • How to apply them to the Building Blocks of (raw) Desserts

  • Practice preparing recipes using my pre-made example recipes Learn how to formulate and design your own dessert recipes

  • Formulate and design your own dessert recipes

You will be able to:

  • Apply what you learned for desserts to any type of recipe, cuisine or food that you want to prepare.

  • Choose the tools and equipment according to what you need - and save money while doing so. 

  • Find the best ingredients available to you.

  • Create your Favorite Flavors and Flavor Combinations.

  • Manipulate ingredients to create different textures.

  • Combine Textures in an interesting way.

  • Beautifully frost, glaze and decorate your desserts.

  • Make raw chocolates in all it's different  colors, shapes and consistencies.

  • Create beautiful plates.

  • Adapt existing recipes according to what you have available and like.


  • Create your own Recipes.

  • Always have new Ideas for new Recipes, Desserts and Designs.

  • Innovate in the Field of Dessert Making. 

  • Know the secret sixth aspect.

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