I am a Vegan Chef, Raw Vegan Dessert Chef, Health and Business Coach and a Law Student. Through “Your Raw Vegan Cakes Class”, I share the possibility of eating healthier desserts with everyone. Students from all over the world learn to work in an intuitive and creative way, accessing their innate ability to create, know and come up with solutions (skills that you will be able to apply in all areas of your life) while making beautiful desserts that they can enjoy to the fullest, but without guilt.

Iris Zajac

Instructor + Coach

A lot of my life I obsessed about health, nutrition, fitness, wellness and exercise.

However, it is the times when I did not have the time, energy, focus or mental capacity to focus on these topics when I learned the most. 

When I struggled with my own fitness, aches and pains, my weight and how I think of myself when managing my own diet, eating out with friends, buying clothes, cooking, and most recently - living with and recovering from illness - I always learned the most about the easiest and sustainable techniques for all. 

So my dedication is to create easy solutions that helps people with the problems that they are facing concerning their health and wellbeing -

whether it is being comfortable with ones body and the foods that you eat or whether it is regaining your strength from a place of not feeling yourself, because you were ill, injured, worked hard, took too much care of others or any other reason. 

One of the outpourings of the approach is Your Raw Vegan Cakes Class - A class that is designed to help people convert from processed, sugar loaded and nutrition-empty sweets and cakes to nutrition-packed, vibrant, plant-based desserts that are also beautiful, a gift to your own creativity and pleasure to look at - and most importantly that you can enjoy without any guilt knowing you are doing something better for yourself.

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