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Course curriculum

  • 2

    Allergies + Fruit

    • Avocado Mint Lime Cake

    • Exercise: Flavor Balancing

    • Recipe

    • Assignment: Send in your Cake Image

    • What did you learn?

    • Exercise: Test Your Creams

    • Avocado Chocolate Mousse Cake

    • Whipping Cream

    • A New Match-a! Green Tea Tiramisu

    • Assignment: Send in your Cake Images

    • Jackfruit Cake

  • 3

    Nuts + Jam

  • 4

    Easy Textures

    • Mango Coconut Ice Cream Cake

    • Recipe

    • Dehydrated Caramelized Almonds

    • Assignment: Send in your Cake Image

    • Test your learning

    • More on Textures

    • Caramel Nut Crunch

    • Crumble

    • Pudding

  • 5

    Tarts and Pies

    • Macadamia Salted Caramel Tarts

    • Tarts + Pie Crusts

    • Caramel

    • White Chocolate

    • Macadamia Tarts Recipe

    • Plating Challenge

    • Dehydration

    • Bonus: 80-10-10 Style Raw Vegan Blueberry Pie

    • Assignment: Send in Your Cake Image

    • Advanced Crust

  • 6

    Raw Chocolate

    • Raw Chocolate

    • Exercise: Chocolate Temperature

    • Raw Chocolate Ganache

    • Truffles

    • Enrobing Raspberry Truffles

    • Chocolate Tricks

    • What did you Learn?

  • 7

    Nutmilk + Agar

    • Triple Chocolate Cake

    • Agar Agar

    • Exercise: Agar Content

    • Make it your own: Triple Chocolate Cake

    • Triple Chocolate Cake Recipe

    • Assignment: Send in your Cake Images

    • Exercise: Nuts vs. Nut Milk

    • Fermented Lavender Blueberry Cheesecake

    • Assignment: Send in your Cake Image

    • Exercise: Agar vs. Coconut Oil

    • What did you learn in this lesson?

  • 8

    Nutbutter + Buttercream

    • Almondbutter Cake

    • Recipe

    • Assignment: Send in your Cake Image

    • Exercise: Cooling Times

    • Buttercream

    • Exercise: Compare: Fresh vs. Dehydrated

    • Black Tahini Cake

    • Assignment: Send in your Cake Image

    • Marzipan

    • Alternative Recipe: Poppy Seed and Orange Cake

  • 9


    • Frosting

    • Piping Buttercream Flowers: Roses + Simple Petal Flowers

    • The Art of Glazing

    • Mirror Glaze

    • Chocolate Dip

    • Cake Decor - Basics

    • Intricate Shapes

    • Decorative White Chocolates

    • Plating - Basics

    • Berry Coulis

    • Valentines Roses

  • 10

    Sponges + Layers

    • Metallic Raspberry Cake

    • Assignment: Send in your Cake Image

    • Coconut Cream

    • Whipped Cream

    • Banoffee Cake

    • Assignment: Send in Your Cake Image

    • Raspberry White Chocolate Cake

    • Steamed Vanilla Sponge

    • Red Velvet Cake

    • Assignment: Crusts vs. Sponges

  • 11

    Advanced Topics + Recipe Creation

    • Transportation

    • Save Your Cake - What to do when things go wrong

    • Advanced Timings, Planning and Scheduling

    • Recipe Adaptation, Troubleshooting and Analysis

    • Recipe Development

    • Assignment: Create Your Own Cake Recipe

  • 12


    • Strawberry Entremet

    • Cherry Rose Pistachio Mini Cake

    • Maple Hazelnut Coffee Tart

    • Peanut Banana Entremet

    • Pear Entremet

    • Cream Whipper

    • Straining / Chinoise

    • Emulsifiers

    • Air Brush

    • Apple Entremet

    • White Tahini Entremet

  • 13

    Live Stream Library

    • Live Stream: February 27th 2021: Chocolate Cherry Cream Cake

    • Livestream March 28th: Colored, Filled Caramel Chocolates

    • Livestream May 23rd: Pumpkin Spice Cake, Marbled Mirror Glaze

  • 14

    Next steps

    • Congratulations for completing the Course! Thank you so much for joining!

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    • Before you go...

Simple, fast, healthy - and tasty!

Daria Saliti, Russia

It’s healthy – simple, fast and healthy – and most importantly really tasty? Isn’t that great ?! And the pleasant bonus of desserts is Iris – and that they are beautiful! Check it out -it’s very easy! On Iris’ course, everything is very clear and accessible, everything works out for me even without translation into my own language (Russian), and I prepared almost all the desserts from the collection! It always turns out! And always tasty! 👍🏻

Well structured and easy to follow.

Cristina, Italy

First of all I really want to thank you for this class. It is very well structured and easy to follow. I love the contact with you through assignments, comments and e-mails. Excited to make my next cake! Cristina

Flavors that Everyone Likes

Ika, Indonesia

Hello Dear Iris I like so much the flavour, also my friend and my fam Thank you so much for your recipes 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Kind Regards Ika

Desserts transformed.

Beautiful desserts - full of nutrients and free of guilt - are just one step away.

My 4 Pillars of Dessert Preparation

Each Lesson is guided by these pillars.

  • Textures

    We combine intentional use of ingredients with refined yet simple techniques to achieve individually desired textures.

  • Flavors

    You will learn the foundational tools of creating your own recipes – From Flavor Balancing to the Ideal Pairing of Flavors.

  • Decorating

    From simple to eloquent - step by step you gain confidence in your own decoration skills.

  • Plating

    A beautiful plate says more than 1000 words about your cake. Make lasting impressions with easy to follow plating techniques.

How it works.

Concept of Instruction.

  • Course Materials

    Watch pre-recorded video lessons, review written instruction and course manuals.

  • Class Support

    Reach out with any questions you have concerning the class materials, substitutions and creative projects.

  • Exercises

    Prepare recipes, submit assignments, perform experiments and answer quizzes to solidify your learning.

  • Discussions

    Share your results in the lessons, add your comments and join the community of fellow class students.

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  • What Language is the Class taught in?

    All Online Classes by Iris Zajac are taught in English.

  • Are there specific start dates or can I start any time?

    Start Date is immediately upon purchase. You will receive an email with the information you need to get started upon purchase.

  • What Level of Experience do I need to have to participate in the class?

    The currently available Online Class is both for beginners and experienced raw food chefs alike. Trough my systematic approach you are nurtured to understand the basis and fundamentals of raw and vegan desserts, which will further along allow you to create more eloquent desserts as well.

  • Can I adjust recipes according to my food allergies? And do you use sugar?

    Definitely. This class is designed for people with food allergies – like dairy or gluten. All recipes are egg-free, and refined sugar free. However, I also try to cater for people with other allergies. So in this class you will learn about ways to make nut free cakes as well. Please be in touch with me and I will provide substitutions for your food allergies. Please note that results will defer from the original recipes when substitutions are made.

  • Are there assignments and how are they graded?

    Every recipe has an assignment which you CAN submit. You can use the online platform to directly submit your work, send it via email or post your work to Instagram by tagging me @iriszajac and #rawcakeswithiris Assignments are to be completed at will. If you do choose to submit assignments you will benefit from additional feedback that I give to you.

  • How long will I have access to my Course? And how many hours per week should I plan to spend to complete the course material?

    You have Live Time Access, with a 12 Month period of Instructor Support. You will receive access to all course content upon sign up to the program. I recommend that you prepare not more than one cake a week – not because of the time commitment, but so that you can really enjoy your cake (yet not overload your stomach with cake). This also allows you to have ample time for shopping, preparation, plating and photography as well as on reflection on the recipe, how it went and what you would like to change for next time. So if you decide to prepare one cake a week, you can expect about 7 hours per lesson – that includes shopping, preparation, review of content, plating and photography and reflection.

  • What equipment and ingredients will I need for the Online Class?

    You will be provided with basic ingredients- and equipment list for the class in the Course Section of this class. Please note that for ingredients that may be more difficult to obtain in remote areas, even online, I will always offer substitute ingredients for your inspiration. Please also note that while I recommend using a high-speed blender in this class, I have had also great success making some of the cakes ( I haven’t tried all of them) with only a 30GBP blender with 1.200 Watt power. So there is no high initial expense on equipment required.

  • Are there Live Elements to the Class?

    All Sessions are recorded and shared via Video and in Writing. You can access the materials completely flexibly upon release according to your own schedule, within your access period. If you have questions however, I am available for you on Live Chat – during office hours. If I am not available in the Live Chat window, please simply email me iris (@ )

  • How can I enroll in class?

    Simply click "Register Now" and proceed through check out. You will receive a confirmation email and follow up email with step by step instructions on how to start the course. The class price is listed underneath the class name on the class page. You can set up a Wire Transfer to my Account, pay through Credit Card or Paypal. You will receive a confirmation upon purchase.

  • What devices can I use to access my Course?

    You can access the course from your Desktop, Tablet or Mobile Phone. You will receive course instructions and notifications via email. Once you register with your students account you will have access to all course content at once. While you will not be able to download the videos, you will be provided with a recipe manual, and various printables that support you throughout the class.

  • Do your courses count towards any certification?

    While you will receive a certificate of completion for this class, it is not an accreditation. This class is designed to be for everyone. Not just people who want to work in the field professionally. Instead I hope that it will help bring more health and wellbeing to all homes through delicious healthy desserts.

  • Do you offer scholarships?

    Due to the low price of the course, I do not offer scholarships at this point. However, you may become an affiliate if you know people who would also be interested in the course and redeem some or all of your expanses in this way.

  • Can I share Course Materials with others?

    No. All materials are copyrighted and developed by me, Iris Zajac. Sharing the Recipes, Manuals, Videos or any other Course Material with anyone who has not purchased the course is a violation of law and will be prosecuted. By making any purchase on the website you accept my privacy policy and opt in to the Newsletter, unless you specifcially decide not to do so. Please review my privacy policy here.

  • If I am not happy with the course, can I get a refund?

    Unfortunately I am not able to offer refunds for the course at this point. However, I am dedicated to giving you the best possible experience. So, if there is anything that you would like to see different, better or improved – please be in touch with me through iris (@) and I will do my best match and exceed your expectations!